When a same day courier service makes sense?

When trying to make a decision on how best to get your goods to you or your customer it can sometimes be a daunting task. With so many choices and different companies offering services it can sometimes be a minefield trying to decide on what is the best option for you is.

Hopefully this post will help you make that decision easier for you.

Here are some of our top reasons why a same day courier service makes the most sense:

Large Parcel or item - Large parcels or items can be awkward to get in a vehicle they also can prove difficult and very expensive to get a regular courier service to deal with. They can be extremely expensive so it might be worth checking the cost of a same day courier service as it might work out cheaper.

Fragile items - The risk of your goods being damaged if you are sending them via a normal courier service is quite high. The truth of it is that your items could be thrown, stood on/climbed on and also other items loaded on top of your item. When using a same day courier service your goods will be handled with extreme care and attention.

Urgent Deadlines - Running a business can mean you are under extremely tight deadlines so for those occasions that you need to have your item guaranteed by a certain day and time then using a dedicated same day courier is always the best option to guarantee you won’t miss that deadline.

Your own time - As we all know in this day and age time is money and our time is precious. So why not let a same day courier service take it off your hands and leave you more time to do the thing you love.

Great customer service - Using a dedicated same day courier service will show your customer you really care. If you take the time to arrange.

Whatever your reason is for using a same day courier service hopefully this post can help you make the right decision.

What our clients say...

“Had a requirement for a delivery of computer parts to a client and used Critical Shipments after a recommendation - arrived promptly for collection and received notification of delivery the next day. My client reported the package arrived safely and was handled with care during transit, not something that can be said for a lot of couriers these days. Would highly recommend, particularly for sensitive / expensive equipment that must arrive as it was sent” - AG

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