Our top 10 tips for overnight delivery drivers

Make sure you are well rested
Always make sure you are well rested before making any journey but even more so an overnight journey. If you start driving when you are already tired and drowsy the likelihood is that your overnight journey is going to make you even more tired. This can increase your risk of an accident significantly. Before you take to the road make sure you are well rested and ready for you trip.

Plan ahead
Planning out your route ahead of time is always a great idea as this will allow you to anticipate any potential road closures or hazards along your route. If you find potential hazards or road closures planning ahead can allow you time to plan around this ahead of time.

Stay hydrated & take snacks
Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to keep you awake and maintain your energy levels whilst driving overnight. So make sure you are frequently drinking throughout your trip. Eating healthy snacks can also aid in helping you stay alert and energised on the road. Coffee has high amounts of caffeine so can give you a boost if you are feeling particularly drowsy.

Pull over if needed
It can be tempting to push yourself beyond your limits but this can lead to accidents. If you start to feel too tired to continue driving pulling over is an absolute must to avoid having an accident. Always go by the saying of better late than never.

Our top 10 tips for overnight delivery drivers

Be aware of your surroundings
Make sure you are constantly scanning your surroundings as a large vehicle you pose much more of a risk to other drivers on the roads. Driving in darkness especially on roads without street lighting can mean you don’t see things until the last moment so always leave yourself extra time to react incase something unexpected happens.

Stock up on supplies
Ensure you take plenty of fluids especially water and also extra snacks just incase of any unexpected situations. The last thing you want is to be broken down on the side of the road for a few hours miles from anywhere and not have any water or food. So make sure you take more than what you think you will need so you will never be without.

Our top 10 tips for overnight delivery drivers

Take a break
Taking regular breaks is the key to keeping safe when delivery driving especially when driving over night. Taking a break gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs and the rest of your body. Giving your eyes a break from the road can also help to reset you ready for the next leg of the journey. The fresh air does wonders for helping you stay more alert.

Phone charger and accessories
When making any long journey especially an overnight journey always make sure you take your phone charging cable and a cigarette lighter USB adapter. Having these in your vehicle with you means if you are unfortunate enough that an unexpected situation occurs you can always make sure your phone is charged for you be able to contact any help needed.

Pre trip safety inspection
Probably one of the most important pre journey tips is to make a pre trip vehicle inspection. It is so important that delivery drivers are prepared for a safe trip. To make a pre trip safety inspection you should do this before any journey starts. Always check your vehicles mirrors, tyres, brakes and most importantly for driving through the night check your lights.

Switch lanes minimally
As a delivery driver you are entrusted with customers precious and valuable goods. So ensuring you are driving as safely as possible is critical. By switching lanes minimally it will decrease your chances of having an accident. Where you do have to switch lanes make sure you are indicating as early as possible and check your mirrors and over your shoulder.

We hope our top 10 tips for overnight delivery drivers will help keep you safe on your overnight trips.

Safe travelling!

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